This document has been published to be used for after sales service only. The contents are subject to change without notice. PARTS GUIDE 本書はサービス活動用に作成した資料です。 一部内容が製品の改良・改善等により予告 なしに変わることがあります。 SHARP CORPORATION CODE:00ZARM317/019 CONTENTS 1 外装部 1 (Exteriors 1) 2 外装部 2 (Exteriors 2) 3 排紙トレイ部 (Delivery tray section) 4 オリジナルカバーユニット (Original cover unit) (AR-267G/S/317G/S) 5 RSPF 外装部 1 (RSPF Exteriors 1) (AR-267FG/FP/317FG/FP/M257/M317) 6 RSPF 外装部 2 (RSPF Exteriors 2) (AR-267FG/FP/317FG/FP/M257/M317) 7 RSPF 給紙部 (RSPF Paper feeding section) (AR-267FG/FP/317FG/FP/M257/M317) 8 RSPF 搬送部 1 (RSPF Transport section 1) (AR-267FG/FP/317FG/FP/M257/M317) 9 RSPF 搬送部 2 (RSPF Transport section 2) (AR-267FG/FP/317FG/FP/M257/M317) F 操作部 (Operation panel unit) G フレーム部 (Frame section) H ランプユニット (Lamp unit) I 光学フレーム 1 (Optical frame 1) J 光学フレーム 2 (Optical frame 2) K 中間フレーム部 (Middle frame section) L 550 カセットユニット (550 cassette unit) M 給紙部 (Paper feed section) N 搬送部 (Paper transfer section) O サイドドアユニット (Side door unit) P マルチ手差しトレイユニット (Multi manual paper feed tray unit) Q マルチ手差し給紙ユニット (Multi manual paper feed unit) R DV ユニット (DV unit) S プロセスユニット (Process unit) T 定着ユニット 1 (Fusing unit 1) U 定着ユニット 2 (Fusing unit 2) V 駆動ユニット ( Drive unit ) W 第一排紙ユニット 1 (1st delivery paper unit 1) X 第一排紙ユニット 2 (1st delivery paper unit 2) Y 第二排紙ユニット (2nd delivery paper unit) Z 基板部 (PWB section) [ 後フレーム部 ( Rear frame section ) \ 2nd 外装 (2nd exteriors) ] 2nd 550 カセットユニット (2nd 550 cassette unit) ^ 2nd 給紙部 (2nd paper feed section) _ 2nd 搬送部 (2nd paper transfer section) . 2nd 駆動部 (2nd drive section) a リフトアップユニット (Lift up unit) b ジョブセパレーターユニット (Job-separater unit) (AR-267FG/FP/317FG/FP) c 梱包材及び付属品 (Packing material & accessories) 索引 (Index) AR-267G/267S/267FG/267FP AR-317G/317S/317FG/317FP AR-M256/M257/M258 AR-M316/M317/M318 AR-5625/5631 MODEL DIGITAL LASER COPIER / PRINTER AR-267S/AR-267G AR-317S/AR-317G AR-M256/AR-M258 AR-M316/AR-M318 AR-5625/AR-5631 AR-267FG/AR-267FP AR-317FG/AR-317FP AR-M257/AR-M317 Revised Edition
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Compatible Models: Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Part-Catalog: is a handbook published by Sharp manufacturer or a specialized publishing company that contains instructions and specifications for the maintenance, repair, and how to fix all error of a specific Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Printer. It may includes Exploded Views, Parts List, System Diagram, Disassembly and Reassembly, Alignment, Troubleshooting guides, Adjustments, hard reset code, factory reset…

You can do with Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Part-Catalog:

1.1 Guide you from basic to advanced usage it.
1.2 Fluent Disassembly and Re-assembly Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Part-Catalog.
1.3 Diagnostic all errors are generated by Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Part-Catalog:
– The printer does not print.
– Paper does not feed into the printer.
– A print job is extremely slow.
– Half the page is blank.
– The paper keeps jamming, Paper Jam inside, Paper Jam Outside…
– The printer prints, but the text is wrong, garbled, or incomplete.
– Pages print, but are blank.
– The print quality of photos is not good. Images are not clear.
– Your printer has an odd smell during initial use.
1.4 How to refill toner/ink Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
1.5 How to update firmware Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
1.6 How to reset page counter by software, fix all error cause by ink/toner cartridge Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631: Waste Ink Ink Pad Error, ink cartridge error, red light blinking, red-green light blinking, yellow blinking, Ink cartridge failure, waste ink over flow, ink out, ink level, incompatible ink cartridges, toner cartridge not competition, install toner cartridge, toner exhausted, toner low, toner empty, toner very low…How to use Adjustments Program.
1.7 How to fix main board error, print head, formater board error Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
1.8 How to troubleshooting printer problem with low quality page .
1.9 How to fix : Communication Error, Model Difference, Cover open(Tray) Error, Paper Out Error, Paper Jam Error, Paper Mismatch Error, Ink Low, Ink End Error, No Ink Cartridge, CSIC Error, Maintenance Request Error, Fatal Error…
1.10 How to fix sensor error: empty image, imaging unit is not installed, sensor failure, turn off then on, fusser error, LSU error, Engine board problem, Flash ROM problem, Main motor problem, Sirocco fan problem, Power supply cooling fan problem, Suction fan problem, Polygon motor problem, Laser problem, Secondary transfer voltage contact/release problem, Transfer belt cleaner contact/release problem, Transfer belt rotation problem, Imaging rack rotation problem, Fuser roller temperature increase problem, Fuser roller low temperature problem, Fuser roller high temperature problem, Fuser roller thermistor problem, Transparency detection sensor problem, Main unit memory counter problem, Main unit memory data problem, Main unit memory access problem, Main unit memory installation problem, Engine communication error.

Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Part-Catalog covers following topics:

– Precautions Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– Product Specification Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– System Overview Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– S/W Structure and Descriptions Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– Disassembly and Reassembly Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– Alignment and Adjustments Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– Troubleshooting Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.
– Exploded Views & Parts List Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631.

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Sharp-AR-267-317-M256-M257-M258-M316-M318-5625-5631 Part-Catalog

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