Memory HVPS (PCB10) SATIE CN923 Finisher LED Board (PCB3) MKB BICU (PCB2) M052/M053/M054 POINT TO POINT DIAGRAM (1/3) D CN214 CN924 CN925 Y (NA)/ 4P Fusing Unit TH1 New Unit Detection Fuse CT 4P Controller Board (PCB1) CN703 PCI option CN3 HDD (HDD1) CN DIMM (512MB) CN2 CN CN750 OPU CN102 CN101 ARDF CN111 CN202 CN110 CN201 CN231 Internal Finisher PSU (PCB6) SW1 Power Cord FAN 1 PSU Fan 1 CN110 CN120 CN111 CN121 CN106 CN200 Relay for Tools CN112 CN920 CN CN921 CN ARDF Scanner Unit CN940 S1 CN939 S2 CN114 CN113 LED Drive Board (PCB4) CN320 CN321 SBU (PCB5) CN109 CN301 CN108 CN300 CN112 CN936 M1 Scanner Motor CN234 CN3 CN4 CN105 CN1 PEACE CN2 CN233 Mechanical Counter CN943 Key Counter CN OPU CN219 CN901 CN900 CN CN M2 Duplex Inverter Motor CN M3 Duplex Motor CN Paper Size Sensors (PCB7) CN202 CN804 CN806 SW2 CN932 S15 CN934 S16 CN935 S9 CN903 CN933 SOL 2 Junction Gate 2 Solenoid SW3 CN904 CN207 S8 CN902 S10 CN907 CN CN906 FAN 2 Exhaust Fan CN S3 CN931 S4 S5 S6 CN929 CN930 CN928 CN CN911 CN209 CN CN CN914 FAN 3 Duplex Exhaust Fan S11 CN912 S12 CN913 CN CN911 CN208 S7 CN910 CN908 CN909 CN CN1 CN1 CN1 PCB9 PCB8 M4 Laser Unit CN211 CN213 T T T T PS-187 CN CN915 FAN 4 PSU Fan CN220 CN290 CN215 Transfer Roller T RFID IC Chip (PCB12) CN218 CN1 RFID Board (PCB11) AIO PS-187 23 CN217 T 2P Blue ICIB CT 4P M0525481 M0525485 M0525439 NA M0525451 EU M0525480 M0525483 35 Key Card CN CN Inlet CN701 CN100 CN905 SOL 1 Junction Gate 1 Solenoid SW5 CN CN212 CN236 CN235 CN918 T T PS-250 M0525401 M0525402 M0525403 M0525404 M0525428 M0525426 M0525424 M0525405 M0525406 M0525407 (NA) M0525449 (EU) G1685403 M0525408 M0525409 M0525410 M0545412 M0525427 M0525418 (NA) M0525419 (EU) M0525444 (NA) M0525445 (EU) M0525442 (NA) M0525443 (EU) M0525416 M0525425 4P M0525436 M0525415 15 M0525413 M0525414 CN310 M0265226 FFC 11P CN100 CN CN916 FAN 5 Controller Fan CN GWFCU3 CN922 CN CN938 CN CN937 CN CN938 CN CN243 CN1 CN CN10 M0525438 M0525440 28 M0525441 CN 3 M0521480 M0525385 M0525386 CN705 CN751 CN703 88P CN600 CN604 CN605 MBU CN630 SP CN601 60P M052 Option M053 Standard M054 Option FAX Unit Option Copy Data Security Unit CN5 CN107 60P RIO3 IPDS Unit Browser Unit Option Option DIMM (512MB) DIMM (32MB) CN1 CN710 50P USB 2.0 Device USB 2.0 HOST SD slot 1 CN707 CN709 CN708 41 40 2P Option 29 7P 100P CT 2P 37 27 38 39 36 SD card CN12 USB CN11 33 M0521481 34 14 CN919 13 25 21 17 2P 16 L1 30 31 18 Counter CN232 S14 CN927 S13 CN926 1 Bin LED Board (PCB13) CN1 M0535422 2 24 22 20 4 3 5 6 7 32 8 9 10 Duplex Unit 1 12 M054 only M053 only 1 BIN Unit 19 26 Option PFU ( up to 3 units) CN230 CN917 Drawer M0525411 M375 M376 (with casters) 11 PFU Special Order M052, M053 only CN706 NIC Upper SD slot 2 Lower Option Bluetooth GigabitEther G874, IEEE802.11a/g,g D377, FileFormatConverter D377 or RemoteCommunication D459 Mini Mi2 6P MIni CT Black 15P Mi CT Black 16P CT Black 12P CT Black 9P Mi2 13P CT Black 8P 2P Mi CT Black 6P 3P CT Balck 10P CT Black 6P Mi2 12P CT Black 9P CT Black 9P CT Black 14P Mi2 6P Mi2 13P Mi2 4P CT Black 2P CT Black 7P Mi CT Black 11P 14P CT 4P USB type-A CT Black 12P Mi2 8P Mi2 9P Mi2 30P Mi CT Black 17P Mi2 7P Mi2 6P Mi2 6P Mi2 6P CT 3P CT 9P CT 2P CT 2P CT 3P CT 3P CT Black 3P CT 3P CT 3P CT 3P CT 3P CT 9P CT 6P CT 6P CT 3P CT 3P CT 3P CT 2P CT 3P CT 3P CT 3P Mi2 13P PS-187 Yellow CT Black 5P CT 3P PS-187 Yellow PS-187 CT 3P CT 3P PS-187 Red CT 10P CT Black 6P Mi2 12P CT 4P CT Black 3P CT 3P CT Black 3P CT Blue 3P CT Yellow 3P Mi2 6P Mi2 3P Mi2 3P Mi2 6P Mi2 7P Mi2 7P CT Black 17P CT Black 17P Mi2 30P Mi2 9P Mi2 9P Mi2 8P Mi2 8P CT Black 12P Mi2 12P USB type-miniB USB type-B PS-187 Red CT 12P 15P CT Black 2P CT 3P CT CT 4P CT 2P Mi2 6P Mi2 13P Mi2 6P 20P CT Black 14P CN621 CN620 LINE TEL CN918 CN919 CN920 CN921 CN923 CN922 CN924 CN925 CN909 CN908 CN938 CN937 CN938 49 50 51 52 M0525417 (NA) M0525450 (EU) CN203 CL1 Registration Clutch CN204 CL2 Paper Feed Clutch CN205 CL3 By-pass Feed Clutch CN206 CL4 Relay Clutch CN201 CN216 TH2 CN244 FAN 6 AIO Fan CT 10P CT 2P CT 3P CT Yellow 2P CT Black 2P CT Blue 2P Mi2 2P 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 Scanner HP Sensor Cover Sensor Power Switch Fusing Lamp Thermistor Tray Set Switch Registration Sensor Paper End Sensor Paper Remaining Sensor 1 Paper Remaining Sensor 2 By-pass Paper Sensor Toner End Sensor Duplex Relay Sensor Duplex Open Switch Relay Sensor Duplex Inverter Sensor Duplex Entrance Sensor LD Board Synchronizing Detector Board Polygon Motor Duplex Cover Switch 2 SW4 Front Door Switch 1 Bin Tray Paper Exit Sensor 1 Bin Tray Paper Sensor Paper Overflow Sensor Fusing Exit Sensor Main Motor M5 Transfer Thermistor A B C D E F G 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A B C D E F G 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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Compatible Models: Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Diagram-Circuit: is a handbook published by Ricoh manufacturer or a specialized publishing company that contains instructions and specifications for the maintenance, repair, and how to fix all error of a specific Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Printer. It may includes Exploded Views, Parts List, System Diagram, Disassembly and Reassembly, Alignment, Troubleshooting guides, Adjustments, hard reset code, factory reset…

You can do with Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Diagram-Circuit:

1.1 Guide you from basic to advanced usage it.
1.2 Fluent Disassembly and Re-assembly Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Diagram-Circuit.
1.3 Diagnostic all errors are generated by Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Diagram-Circuit:
– The printer does not print.
– Paper does not feed into the printer.
– A print job is extremely slow.
– Half the page is blank.
– The paper keeps jamming, Paper Jam inside, Paper Jam Outside…
– The printer prints, but the text is wrong, garbled, or incomplete.
– Pages print, but are blank.
– The print quality of photos is not good. Images are not clear.
– Your printer has an odd smell during initial use.
1.4 How to refill toner/ink Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
1.5 How to update firmware Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
1.6 How to reset page counter by software, fix all error cause by ink/toner cartridge Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF: Waste Ink Ink Pad Error, ink cartridge error, red light blinking, red-green light blinking, yellow blinking, Ink cartridge failure, waste ink over flow, ink out, ink level, incompatible ink cartridges, toner cartridge not competition, install toner cartridge, toner exhausted, toner low, toner empty, toner very low…How to use Adjustments Program.
1.7 How to fix main board error, print head, formater board error Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
1.8 How to troubleshooting printer problem with low quality page .
1.9 How to fix : Communication Error, Model Difference, Cover open(Tray) Error, Paper Out Error, Paper Jam Error, Paper Mismatch Error, Ink Low, Ink End Error, No Ink Cartridge, CSIC Error, Maintenance Request Error, Fatal Error…
1.10 How to fix sensor error: empty image, imaging unit is not installed, sensor failure, turn off then on, fusser error, LSU error, Engine board problem, Flash ROM problem, Main motor problem, Sirocco fan problem, Power supply cooling fan problem, Suction fan problem, Polygon motor problem, Laser problem, Secondary transfer voltage contact/release problem, Transfer belt cleaner contact/release problem, Transfer belt rotation problem, Imaging rack rotation problem, Fuser roller temperature increase problem, Fuser roller low temperature problem, Fuser roller high temperature problem, Fuser roller thermistor problem, Transparency detection sensor problem, Main unit memory counter problem, Main unit memory data problem, Main unit memory access problem, Main unit memory installation problem, Engine communication error.

Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Diagram-Circuit covers following topics:

– Precautions Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– Product Specification Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– System Overview Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– S/W Structure and Descriptions Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– Disassembly and Reassembly Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– Alignment and Adjustments Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– Troubleshooting Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.
– Exploded Views & Parts List Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF.

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Ricoh-SP5200S-SP5210SF Diagram-Circuit

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