USB 4pin CN miniMi 13pin 1 CN 1 CN CN OP-R (PCB2) 4 1 5 CN CN D CN CN D LED Board (PCB3) OP-L (PCB1) CN CN D1171470 D1275202 34 SCANNER D1275200 SCANNER T3 T3 T ICIB FPS-187 FPS-250 Paper Feed Unit Polygon Motor M4 BICU (PCB8) Main Motor M1 Exhaust Fan Duplex Motor Right Door Safety Switch (SW2) LDB (PCB6) LASER UNIT HVPP (PCB9) CL3 Registration Clutch Paper Feed Clutch By-pass Feed Clutch Fusing Solenoid MKB Fusing Lamp (L3) CONTROLLER (PCB11) SD Card Slot #1 CN CN CN CN Mi MiniMi CT miniCT CN Other CN B to B Quenching Lamp (L2) DIMM Socket Rio3 I/F SD Card Slot #2 NIC USB USB-HOST HDD Option D127/D128 POINT TO POINT DIAGRAM and HARNESS miniCT 12pin CT 6pin Mi 2pin 2pin Mi 2pin Mi miniCT CT 3pin CT 3pin CT 3pin CT 3pin CT CT 5pin miniCT 16pin 5pin miniCT 8pin miniCT 8pin Molex 3.5mm 8pin Molex 3.5mm 8pin 5pin CT Molex 3.5mm 2pin PS-187 CT 3pin 3pin miniCT CT 4pin CT 4pin 9pin miniCT miniCT 9pin miniCT 10 12pin CT 10pin Mi 2pin Mi 3pin 10pin Mini Mi miniCT 14pin CT 3pin 9 CT 3pin FUSING UNIT CT 2pin CT 6pin 2pin CT CT 2pin CT 2pin CT 2pin Power Supply Cord 3pin CT 4pin Mini CT PCU 3pin CT CTL FAN SCANNER UNIT 6pin FFC 40pin 4pin miniCT miniCT miniCT 16pin CT 2pin miniCT 6pin JAE 100pin JAE 60pin CT 4pin Mi 6pin CN FFC FFC 28pin CT 2pin 2pin 3pin CT mini Mi 3pin Toner Bottle Motor CT 2pin CN151 CN152 CN403 CN1 CN401 CN404 CN1 CN118 CN118 CN116 CN116 CN161 CN CN124 CN129 CN123 CN123 CN125 CN125 CN139 CN139 CN137 CN137 CN127 CN127 CN130 CN130 CN115 CN115 CN114 CN114 CN156 CN150 CN106 CN106 CN107 CN107 CN136 CN136 CN128 CN128 CN141 CN141 CN122 CN CN138 CN138 CN140 CN CN149 CN104 CN104 CN143 CN147 CN101 FFC 45pin CN131 CN CN133 CN133 CN103 CN700 CN1 JCN1 CN2 CN2 CN CN1 CN CN1 CN1 T1 T2 T2 T1 CN2 CN1 CN2 JCN2 CN CN4 JCN4 CN CN3 JCN3 CN CN2 JCN2 CN CN1 JCN1 CN CN1 CN1 CN1 CN T1-2 T1-1 T2-1 T2-2 CN111 CN703 CN External CN710 CN709 CN708 CN707 CN706 CN705 CN703 CN750 D1275203 35 SCANNER D1275223 4 D1275270 30 D0675214 24 ID Sensor (S6) TD Sensor (S4) B C CL1 CL2 SOL1 Regist Sensor (S1) By-pass PE Sensor (S3) D0675213 23 D1275219 26 D0675216 25 CN285 CN285 CN284 CN284 TAB1 CN282 CN282 CN2 JCN2 CN CN Thermistor (TH1) CN1 JCN1 CN1 CN2 Exit Sensor (S5) Duplex Inverter Sensor (S9) CN3 JCN3 CN1 CN2 D1275222 3 M6 M3 CN CN CN CN1 JCN CN Key Card IC CARD(DLTOOL I/F) PEACE T3 T4 CN280 T1 T2 CN1 CN2 CN155 4pin CN155 CT CT 3pin CT 2pin Molex 6.5mm CN283 Molex 7mm CN CN NA:Molex 6.5mm EU:JST 5mm Option Tray Heater CN287 Molex 4.2mm CN INLET CN1 Mi 2pin Key Counter CN CN CN TAB2 T1 T2 PS-250(t=0.8) Black L White:N PS-250(t=0.8) PS-187(t=0.8) PS-187(t=0.8) PS-187(t=0.8) PS-187(t=0.8) 2pin 2pin 4pin CN280 PSU (PCB5) D1275220 1 D1275230 D1275235 12 D1275221 2 D1275239 14 D1275240 15 D1275241 16 D1275237 13 D1275209(EU) D1275208(NA) 17 18 D1275228 8 D1275251 D1275225 6 D1275226 7 D1275224 5 JCN CN1 CT 6pin CN3 CT 4pin Mi CN129 CN4 JCN3 CT 4pin JCN1 CN1 CN3 D1275220 1 1/2 2/2 CT 4pin PS-187 Front Door Safety Switch (SW1) Paper End Sensor (S2) D1275218 37 CN4 CN1 Mi 2pin Mi 2pin JCN4 FPS-187 LASER Fusing Fusing FUSING UNIT Right Door Switch Main SW Option Option Option Option 33 FFC CN2 CN3 CT 3pin CT 3pin CN FFC 40pin CN2 4pin miniCT D1275216 11 CN4 2pin CT JCN5 Mi 2pin CN5 CN5 Mi 2pin PCB FGATE I/F 16pin miniCT ARDF CN402 CN102 SCANNER D1275205 36 CN1 16pin JCN101 miniCT 200V Only Operation Panel D1271463 31 Operation Panel Operation Panel D1171464 32 GWFCU3.5 (PCB7) Handset NA Model Option SP LINE TEL FAX UNIT For SP Model 2pin CT CN600 CN 607 CN 606 CN605 CN1 CN2 JCN2 CN D0685230 29 2pin CT Option CN751 6pin 2pin M2 M7 Choke Coil N6074550 Mi mini Mi A E D C B F G H I J 1 5 4 3 2 6 M5 Scanner Motor LED Unit (L1) LCDC (PCB4) HP sensor (S8) Platen Coversensor (S7) Thermo Switch (TS)
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Compatible Models: Ricoh-MP301.
– Ricoh-MP301 Diagram-Circuit: is a handbook published by Ricoh manufacturer or a specialized publishing company that contains instructions and specifications for the maintenance, repair, and how to fix all error of a specific Ricoh-MP301 Printer. It may includes Exploded Views, Parts List, System Diagram, Disassembly and Reassembly, Alignment, Troubleshooting guides, Adjustments, hard reset code, factory reset…

You can do with Ricoh-MP301 Diagram-Circuit:

1.1 Guide you from basic to advanced usage it.
1.2 Fluent Disassembly and Re-assembly Ricoh-MP301 Diagram-Circuit.
1.3 Diagnostic all errors are generated by Ricoh-MP301 Diagram-Circuit:
– The printer does not print.
– Paper does not feed into the printer.
– A print job is extremely slow.
– Half the page is blank.
– The paper keeps jamming, Paper Jam inside, Paper Jam Outside…
– The printer prints, but the text is wrong, garbled, or incomplete.
– Pages print, but are blank.
– The print quality of photos is not good. Images are not clear.
– Your printer has an odd smell during initial use.
1.4 How to refill toner/ink Ricoh-MP301.
1.5 How to update firmware Ricoh-MP301.
1.6 How to reset page counter by software, fix all error cause by ink/toner cartridge Ricoh-MP301: Waste Ink Ink Pad Error, ink cartridge error, red light blinking, red-green light blinking, yellow blinking, Ink cartridge failure, waste ink over flow, ink out, ink level, incompatible ink cartridges, toner cartridge not competition, install toner cartridge, toner exhausted, toner low, toner empty, toner very low…How to use Adjustments Program.
1.7 How to fix main board error, print head, formater board error Ricoh-MP301.
1.8 How to troubleshooting printer problem with low quality page .
1.9 How to fix : Communication Error, Model Difference, Cover open(Tray) Error, Paper Out Error, Paper Jam Error, Paper Mismatch Error, Ink Low, Ink End Error, No Ink Cartridge, CSIC Error, Maintenance Request Error, Fatal Error…
1.10 How to fix sensor error: empty image, imaging unit is not installed, sensor failure, turn off then on, fusser error, LSU error, Engine board problem, Flash ROM problem, Main motor problem, Sirocco fan problem, Power supply cooling fan problem, Suction fan problem, Polygon motor problem, Laser problem, Secondary transfer voltage contact/release problem, Transfer belt cleaner contact/release problem, Transfer belt rotation problem, Imaging rack rotation problem, Fuser roller temperature increase problem, Fuser roller low temperature problem, Fuser roller high temperature problem, Fuser roller thermistor problem, Transparency detection sensor problem, Main unit memory counter problem, Main unit memory data problem, Main unit memory access problem, Main unit memory installation problem, Engine communication error.

Ricoh-MP301 Diagram-Circuit covers following topics:

– Precautions Ricoh-MP301.
– Product Specification Ricoh-MP301.
– System Overview Ricoh-MP301.
– S/W Structure and Descriptions Ricoh-MP301.
– Disassembly and Reassembly Ricoh-MP301.
– Alignment and Adjustments Ricoh-MP301.
– Troubleshooting Ricoh-MP301.
– Exploded Views & Parts List Ricoh-MP301.

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Ricoh-MP301 Diagram-Circuit

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