CN1-1 USB Cable Control PCB J001 Point to Point Diagram Operation Panel Ink Level Waste Tank Full Bypass Set MT NO NC Interlock SW1 High Voltage Output Charge Roller NO NC Interlock SW2 Trailing Edge AW020120 Horizontal Vertical C,K PHead Cyan Black J0013800 M,Y PHead Magenta Yellow Registration COM PCB Maintenance Maintenance HP CN2-1 CN2-2 Cartridge SW Ink Supply 1 DCM3 Ink Supply 2 DCM4 Cartridge Plate Duplex Unit PCB LEDY CN100A-1 LEDY CN502-11 LEDM LEDC LEDK LED_ERR LED_PWR SW_CAN SW_FEED SW_PWR +5VE1 GND CN100A-11 CN100A-10 CN100A-9 CN100A-8 CN100A-7 CN100A-6 CN100A-5 CN100A-4 CN100A-3 CN100A-2 LEDM LEDC LEDK LED_ERR LED_PWR SW_CAN SW_FEED SW_PWR +5VE1 GND CN502-1 CN502-2 CN502-3 CN502-4 CN502-5 CN502-6 CN502-7 CN502-8 CN502-9 CN502-10 CN100B-1 +37V SOL CN100B-2 SOLON_N GND +5VE2 INK_DET Air Release CN100B-5 CN100B-4 CN100B-3 GND +5VE2 WSTINK CN100B-8 CN100B-7 CN100B-6 N.C N.C N.C CN100B-11 CN100B-10 CN100B-9 3.3V D- D+ GND CN106-1 CN106-4 CN106-3 CN106-2 +5VE1 MFPEND GND CN105-3 CN105-2 CN105-1 AGND2 ENVTEMPAN CN110-2 CN110-1 TH CN4-1 MMOT2 MMOT1 CN4-2 Transport CN5-1 SMOT1 SMOT2 CN5-2 CN1-2 LINE NEUTRAL Power DCMT1_PWM DCMT2_PWM CN103-2 CN103-1 DCMT2_CS DCMT2_ENBL CN103-4 CN103-3 DCMT1_CS DCMT1_ENBL CN103-6 CN103-5 DCM_DAT DCM_SCK CN103-8 CN103-7 DCM_CLK GND CN103-10 CN103-9 PSMODE HVCONT CN103-12 CN103-11 PHASE1 PHASE2 CN3-11 CN3-12 DCMT2_CS MT2_PWM CN3-9 CN3-10 DCMT1_CS MT1_PWM CN3-7 CN3-8 DCMT_DATA DCMT_CLK CN3-5 CN3-6 CLK GND CN3-3 CN3-4 PSMODE HV CONT CN3-1 CN3-2 +37V +37V CN104-2 CN104-1 GND GND CN104-4 CN104-3 +5V GND CN104-6 CN104-5 +37V +37V CN2-5 CN2-6 GND GND CN2-3 CN2-4 +5V GND CN2-1 CN2-2 PSU CN301-6 CN301-7 +5VE1 +37V CN301-4 CN301-5 PGND PP_EN PP_TR PP_LEAK COV_OPN CN301-3 CN301-1 CN301-2 +5VE1 +37V PGND PP_EN PP_TR PP_LEAK COV_OPN CN1-2 CN1-1 CN1-4 CN1-3 CN1-5 CN1-7 CN1-6 N.C +37VA +37VB CN3-1 CN3-3 CN3-2 N.C +37VB +37VC CN2-1 CN2-3 CN2-2 HVPS +5VE2 P_END SGND +5VE2 ENC_HP SGND CN302-6 CN302-4 CN302-5 CN302-3 CN302-1 CN302-2 SGND +37V_TRY +5VE2 TRYCL_TRG TRYMT_TRG TRYMT_CLK PGND TRYSET CN303-3 CN303-5 CN303-4 CN303-6 CN303-8 CN303-7 CN303-2 CN303-1 CL CLT_ON +37V CN304-2 CN304-1 Paper Feed MT CN300-22 CN300-21 CN300-20 CN300-19 CN300-18 CN300-17 CN300-16 CN300-15 CN300-14 CN300-13 CN300-12 CN300-11 CN300-10 CN300-9 CN300-8 CN300-7 CN300-6 CN300-5 CN300-4 CN300-3 CN300-2 CN300-1 DC Relay PCB PGND SENCA SENCB +5VE1 +37V PGND PP_ENBL PP_TRG PP_LEAK COV_OPN TRY_SET PGND TRYMT_CLK TRYMT_TRG TRYCL_TRG +37V +37V FEED_CL ENC_HP P_END +5VE2 SGND GND SENCA SENCB +5VE1 +37V GND PPENBL PP_TRG PP_LEAK COV_OPN TRY_SET GND TRYMT_CLK TRYMT_TRG TRYCL_TRG +37V +37V FEED_CL ENC_HP P_END +5VE2 GND CN102-22 CN102-21 CN102-20 CN102-19 CN102-18 CN102-17 CN102-16 CN102-15 CN102-14 CN102-13 CN102-12 CN102-11 CN102-10 CN102-9 CN102-8 CN102-7 CN102-6 CN102-5 CN102-4 CN102-3 CN102-2 CN102-1 INKFL1 GND INKFL2 GND INKFL3 GND INKFL4 GND CN5-2 CN5-1 CN5-4 CN5-3 CN5-6 CN5-5 CN5-8 CN5-7 T21-2 T21-1 T21-4 T21-3 T21-5 T21-7 T21-6 T21-8 CN1 Terminal CN2 CN3 CN4 GND Vcc PDET CN6-1 CN6-3 CN6-2 ATHRM GND CN9-2 CN9-1 MT CN107 CN7 CN8 CN204 TH Carriage +37V +37V OUTA OUTAB OUTB OUTBB 5VE2 SHP1 DG M3OUTAB M3OUTA DG CTRGSENS M4OUTAB M4OUTA CN202-3 CN202-1 CN202-2 CN202-6 CN202-4 CN202-5 CN202-9 CN202-7 CN202-8 DRV PCB CN1-4 CN1-6 CN1-5 CN1-1 CN1-3 CN1-2 GND GND GND GND VCOM VCOM +37V +37V +37V CN101-7 CN101-9 CN101-8 CN101-4 CN101-6 CN101-5 CN101-1 CN101-3 CN101-2 CN101-16 CN101-18 CN101-17 CN101-13 CN101-15 CN101-14 CN101-10 CN101-12 CN101-11 CN101-25 CN101-27 CN101-26 CN101-22 CN101-24 CN101-23 CN101-19 CN101-21 CN101-20 CN101-28 CN101-30 CN101-29 +37V STMINA DRVTMP STMINAB CTRGSENS STMSYNC SHP1 STMCURR RYCVOPN STMINBB RYSET STMINB SEPPFAN DCMPWM DCM4ENBL DCMDIR DCM3ENBL +5VE2 +5VE2 GND GND CN200-24 CN200-22 CN200-23 CN200-27 CN200-25 CN200-26 CN200-30 CN200-28 CN200-29 CN200-15 CN200-13 CN200-14 CN200-18 CN200-16 CN200-17 CN200-21 CN200-19 CN200-20 CN200-6 CN200-4 CN200-5 CN200-9 CN200-7 CN200-8 CN200-12 CN200-10 CN200-11 CN200-3 CN200-1 CN200-2 RYSET DG RYCVOPN DG T4 T6 T5 T3 CN3-1 CN3-2 MT MT CN201-4 CN201-6 CN201-5 CN201-1 CN201-3 CN201-2 AG AG AG AG VCOM VCOM 37V 37V 37V 37V STMINA DRVTMP STMINAB CTRGSENS STMSYNC SHP1 STMCURR RYCVOPN STMINBB RYSET STMINB SEPPFAN DCMPWM DCM4ENBL DCMDIR DCM3ENBL 5VE2 5VE2 DG DG CN1 1 AGND 11 LAT 10 Vcc 9 GND 8 Vh 7 H1AD1 6 H1AD0 5 GND 4 VCOM1 3 VCOM1 2 AGND 12 MN0 22 MN0 21 LAT 20 Vcc 19 GND 18 Vh 17 HDCLK 16 INH1 15 MN3 14 MN2 13 MN1 23 MN1 32 AGND 31 AGND 30 VCOM1 29 VCOM1 28 GND 27 HDCLK 26 INH1 25 MN3 24 MN2 CN2 1 AGND 11 MN0 10 MN1 9 MN2 8 MN3 7 INH2 6 HDCLK 5 GND 4 VCOM2 3 VCOM2 2 AGND 12 LAT 22 LAT 21 MN0 20 MN1 19 MN2 18 MN3 17 INH2 16 HDCLK 15 Vh 14 GND 13 Vcc 23 Vcc 32 AGND 31 AGND 30 VCOM2 29 VCOM2 28 GND 27 H1BD0 26 H1BD1 25 Vh 24 GND Signal Term. Signal CN3 1 AGND 11 MN0 10 MN1 9 MN2 8 MN3 7 INH4 6 HDCLK 5 GND 4 VCOM4 3 VCOM4 2 AGND 12 LAT 22 LAT 21 MN0 20 MN1 19 MN2 18 MN3 17 INH4 16 HDCLK 15 Vh 14 GND 13 Vcc 23 Vcc 32 AGND 31 AGND 30 VCOM4 29 VCOM4 28 GND 27 H2BD0 26 H2BD1 25 Vh 24 GND Term. Signal 1 AGND 11 LAT 10 Vcc 9 GND 8 Vh 7 H2AD1 6 H2AD0 5 GND 4 VCOM3 3 VCOM3 2 AGND 12 MN0 22 MN0 21 LAT 20 Vcc 19 GND 18 Vh 17 HDCLK 16 INH3 15 MN3 14 MN2 13 MN1 23 MN1 32 AGND 31 AGND 30 VCOM3 29 VCOM3 28 GND 27 HDCLK 26 INH3 25 MN3 24 MN2 Term. Signal CN4 CN107 26 MN3 36 GND 35 LAT 34 INH1K 33 INH2C 32 INH3M 31 INH4Y 30 GND 29 MN0 28 MN1 27 MN2 37 ATHRM 47 GND 46 MENCB 45 GND 44 PDET 43 MODELSET 42 5FULLCLK 41 5HDSEL1 40 5HDSEL2 39 INKFL 38 GND(RESERVED) 48 MENCA 50 GND 49 GND Term. Signal 1 GND 11 H4BD0 10 H4BD1 9 GND 8 HDCLK 7 GND 6 +5VE2 5 +5VE2 4 +5VE2 3 +5VE2 2 GND 12 H3BD1 22 H2AD1 21 H3AD0 20 H3AD1 19 H4AD0 18 H4AD1 17 H1BD0 16 H1BD1 15 H2BD0 14 H2BD1 13 H3BD0 23 H2AD0 25 H1AD0 24 H1AD1 Term. Signal CN7 26 H1AD0 36 H2BD0 35 H1BD1 34 H1BD0 33 H4AD1 32 H4AD0 31 H3AD1 30 H3AD0 29 H2AD1 28 H2AD0 27 H1AD1 37 H2BD1 47 Vcc 46 Vcc 45 Vcc 44 GND 43 HDCLK 42 GND 41 H4BD1 40 H4BD0 39 H3BD1 38 H3BD0 48 Vcc 50 GND 49 GND Term. Signal 1 GND 11 HDSEL2 10 HDSEL1 9 FULLCLK 8 MODELSET 7 PDET 6 GND 5 MENCB 4 GND 3 MENCA 2 GND 12 INKFL 22 MN0 21 GND 20 INH4 19 INH3 18 INH2 17 INH1 16 LAT 15 GND 14 ATHRM 13 GND 23 MN1 25 MN3 24 MN2 Term. Signal CN204 14 VCOM3 24 VCOM1 23 VCOM1 22 VCOM1 21 AG 20 AG 19 VCOM2 18 VCOM2 17 VCOM2 16 AG 15 AG 25 AG 26 AG Term. Signal 1 DG 11 AG 10 AG 9 VCOM4 8 VCOM4 7 VCOM4 6 AG 5 AG 4 37V 3 37V 2 DG 12 VCOM3 13 VCOM3 Term. Signal CN8 14 VCOM3 24 Vh 23 Vh 22 AGND 21 AGND 20 VCOM4 19 VCOM4 18 VCOM4 17 AGND 16 AGND 15 VCOM3 25 GND 26 GND Term. Signal 1 AGND 11 AGND 10 VCOM2 9 VCOM2 8 VCOM2 7 AGND 6 AGND 5 VCOM1 4 VCOM1 3 VCOM1 2 AGND 12 AGND 13 VCOM3 Term. Signal T1 C C Term. Note: CÓPIA NÃO CONTROLADA CÓPIA NÃO CONTROLADA
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Compatible Models: Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit: is a handbook published by Ricoh manufacturer or a specialized publishing company that contains instructions and specifications for the maintenance, repair, and how to fix all error of a specific Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Printer. It may includes Exploded Views, Parts List, System Diagram, Disassembly and Reassembly, Alignment, Troubleshooting guides, Adjustments, hard reset code, factory reset…

You can do with Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit:

1.1 Guide you from basic to advanced usage it.
1.2 Fluent Disassembly and Re-assembly Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit.
1.3 Diagnostic all errors are generated by Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit:
– The printer does not print.
– Paper does not feed into the printer.
– A print job is extremely slow.
– Half the page is blank.
– The paper keeps jamming, Paper Jam inside, Paper Jam Outside…
– The printer prints, but the text is wrong, garbled, or incomplete.
– Pages print, but are blank.
– The print quality of photos is not good. Images are not clear.
– Your printer has an odd smell during initial use.
1.4 How to refill toner/ink Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
1.5 How to update firmware Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
1.6 How to reset page counter by software, fix all error cause by ink/toner cartridge Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N: Waste Ink Ink Pad Error, ink cartridge error, red light blinking, red-green light blinking, yellow blinking, Ink cartridge failure, waste ink over flow, ink out, ink level, incompatible ink cartridges, toner cartridge not competition, install toner cartridge, toner exhausted, toner low, toner empty, toner very low…How to use Adjustments Program.
1.7 How to fix main board error, print head, formater board error Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
1.8 How to troubleshooting printer problem with low quality page .
1.9 How to fix : Communication Error, Model Difference, Cover open(Tray) Error, Paper Out Error, Paper Jam Error, Paper Mismatch Error, Ink Low, Ink End Error, No Ink Cartridge, CSIC Error, Maintenance Request Error, Fatal Error…
1.10 How to fix sensor error: empty image, imaging unit is not installed, sensor failure, turn off then on, fusser error, LSU error, Engine board problem, Flash ROM problem, Main motor problem, Sirocco fan problem, Power supply cooling fan problem, Suction fan problem, Polygon motor problem, Laser problem, Secondary transfer voltage contact/release problem, Transfer belt cleaner contact/release problem, Transfer belt rotation problem, Imaging rack rotation problem, Fuser roller temperature increase problem, Fuser roller low temperature problem, Fuser roller high temperature problem, Fuser roller thermistor problem, Transparency detection sensor problem, Main unit memory counter problem, Main unit memory data problem, Main unit memory access problem, Main unit memory installation problem, Engine communication error.

Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit covers following topics:

– Precautions Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– Product Specification Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– System Overview Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– S/W Structure and Descriptions Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– Disassembly and Reassembly Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– Alignment and Adjustments Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– Troubleshooting Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.
– Exploded Views & Parts List Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N.

Free Download Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit

Ricoh-G500-700-GX3000-3050N Diagram-Circuit

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